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The Service Results Nexther Locked Carrier if the imei is initial flex or replaced it wil not show that. for that u need to buy FULL GSX REPORT.

if u place iPhone orders using this service for carrier check make sure your IMEIS are not replaced or flex mostly happens in uk cariers and usa carriers in such case there is No Refund on that unlock service


Model: iPhone 7 Black 128GB (iPhone9,1)
IMEI: 359209072XXXXX
MEID: 359209072XXX
Serial Number: F4GSDZHMXXXX
Locked Carrier: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Country: United States
Simlock Status: 


Model: iPhone 7 Gold 128GB (iPhone9,1)
IMEI: 3538020856XXX
MEID: 353802085XXXX
Serial Number: C6KSK28YXXXX
Simlock Status: 

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